Sale and Purchase of Commercial Property

Sale and Purchase of Commercial Property

Commercial property is a significant investment – you may be buying premises to operate your business from, you may be investing for the future or expanding your existing portfolio of commercial properties. We can guide you through the process, liaising with your surveyor and lender to ensure the process stays on track.

Working on a fixed fee basis we will provide you with a clear schedule of costs and likely disbursements at the outset of the transaction so you are fully aware of all the costs and are not faced with any nasty surprises at the end when the bill arrives.

“My company RepairTech Ltd used for the purchase and sale of both land and buildings. This was during a very stressful time for my company (post devastating fire) and it was crucial to me that I had a service that was fast, with a fixed cost and with somebody who would understand my situation and I could totally rely on.

From the very first phone call, before we even met, Liz was concise, showed great expertise and without question added value to the agreements that were put in place through suggestions of her own that were above and beyond my expectations. Every question I would ask be it phone or mail was answered quickly and every answer was thorough and clear. The agreements we were making were not straightforward and contained various challenges, all of which Liz managed to resolve swiftly.

During a very tough time for my business (we are OK now and in full recovery I might add!) it was a pleasure and a relief dealing with somebody that truly understands the service people expect and the fact that people need to control costs. Professional at all times.

I have no hesitation in recommending Liz and should anyone want more information about what was covered in our agreements please do not hesitate to contact me directly”.

Richard Costello, Managing Director at RepairTech Ltd and Owner, RepairTech Ltd

For more information about how we can assist you with your property purchase or sale please contact Elizabeth Williams on 01926 679631 or

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