Landlord and Tenant Issues

Landlord and Tenant Issues

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant there will be queries and issues that will arise in relation to your lease arrangement.  You may simply want a review of the lease, a summary of the key dates, terms and obligations of each party, to help you plan ahead.

Specific issues may arise during the lease term, such as the non-payment of rent or a failure to comply with other lease covenants such as repair of the property.  We can advise you of your rights, and options for dealing with such situations.

We can advise whether you have the right to:-

  • bring the lease to an end early
  • renew your lease
  • sell (assign) your lease and if so how
  • underlet the property and if so on what terms
  • review the rent and if so, when.

Leases are significant contracts and whether you are a landlord or a tenant it is important that you are fully aware of the obligations and conditions in the lease.

If you are a tenant, are you fully aware of your repairing obligations? Your lease will probably require you to hand the property back in repair; is this in full repair? Repair of the internal parts? Or in accordance with a schedule of condition? Make sure you know.

Once you are aware of your repairing obligations then you should be planning and carrying out repairs in the years/months up to the end of the lease rather than be left facing unexpected large dilapidations claims at the end of the lease.

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